Calling card service is one of the fastest-growing type of VoIP services. Consumers like students, business and leisure travelers, immigrants, soldiers, etc. have helped calling cards growth. VoIP services are mostly popular among mobile phone users, as an alternative to mobile operators high international rates and roaming fees.

Nepox introduces Nepox Calling Card Service. It is a suite of software and hardware provides a comprehensive calling card service over a VoIP network. Solution is Base on IP implementation, so it has significant advantages rather than TDM-based calling card approaches. Nepox Calling Card Service includes two main parts:

Switching Platform: a calling card software platform that enables to provide a full scale of calling card services such as prepaid and postpaid, PIN-less dialing and printed phone cards.

Billing Platform: a carrier grade VoIP billing software with a sophisticated rating engine that is able to manage hidden tricky charges that are essential for any calling card billing platform.

Sometimes it is needed to have IP-to-PSTN Gateway that supports RADIUS/AAA like Cisco, Quintum, TelcoBridges, etc. that is for playing the role of an interface for the originated call from the PSTN (caller’s phone) to the IP network (Internet);

Key Features:

  • Compatibility with all existing VoIP carriers
  • Database PIN number creation and authentication
  • Unlimited number of prepaid calling cards hosted by the system
  • Web based subscriber creation and account management
  • Customizable reporting of CDRs and its parameters and metrics
  • IVR support, including recharge vouchers