Nepox Data Billing is a solution for companies offering data access over different media. This includes both wired (DSL, cable etc.) and wireless (Wi-Fi, Wi-Max etc.)

Nepox Data Billing is Integrated, Accurate and Flexible Billing which has the ability to manage customers dynamically and to introduce new services according to market trends. It includes a powerful Customer Management, flexible tariff/package management, easy technical support module and comprehensive reports to monitor revenue and network.

Nepox Data Billing enables providers to manage their users in many ways such as peak/off-peak, download/upload traffic, number of concurrent connections, duration, speed, time based rating, and bandwidth and many other features based on customer account level or payment.

Key Features:

  • User management
  • Reseller management
  • Comprehensive report System
  • Web-based access through Dashboard
  • Alert System with ability to send E-Mail and SMS
  • Advanced invoicing for prepaid and postpaid consumers
  • Billing include UDR(Usage Detail Records) collection
  • UDR mediation and rating according to billing tariffs
  • Supporting unlimited number of users
  • Time and Volume based rating options
  • Invoice Management system
  • Automatic daily backup
  • Tariff/Package management