Nepox VoIP Billing is a powerful, scalable, and reliable carrier grade billing, service provisioning and customer management platform for telecommunication service providers, ISPs, and wholesale carriers. Advanced trading, billing, process management, and reporting enable peak utilization, profitability, efficiency and performance are some of its properties.

CDRs (Call Detail Records) and all call information will be accessible through dashboard to analyze and monitor network status including rates, quality parameters (ASR, ACD, PDD, LCR, etc.), events, etc. Nepox VoIP Billing is very accurate and works immediately. Whether you have an enterprise network seeking to bring VoIP in your network or you are in core of a wholesale carrier Nepox VoIP Billing is the right solution for you.

Nepox VoIP Billing offers both traditional call billing methods such as Initial Interval, Connect Fee and Disconnect Surcharge, as well as advanced billing methods, such as Peak/Off-peak billing which can be implemented by hour and/or by day of week.

Nepox VoIP Billing provides a powerful tool for managing VoIP routes to termination providers. The functionality is used to determine service costs and to provision VoIP switching equipment from multiple vendors. It has comprehensive route prioritization mechanisms based on longest match, priority, cost, quality.

Key Features:

  • immediate and accurate Rating and Billing
  • Credit limit controls and alert or disconnect out-of-charge consumers
  • Buy or Sell Rate Management and Validation
  • Pricing and cost analysis to keep LCR
  • Carrier or Customer Buying and Usage Patterns
  • CDR Management and obtaining information
  • Dashboard with advanced real-time reporting and alarming
  • Traffic Analytics and Revenue Assurance