VoIP is an evolving technology which is expected to be used more and more in future networks. Today by more complex networks with multi-vendor, multi-node, and multi-site equipment, the need of optimized routing based on maximum profit is perceptible more than ever.

The Strong suite is a major achievement in architecting VoIP networks, which is announced by Nepox Teknoloji A.S. It capitalizes years of our engineers’ expertise and know-how in IP Voice interconnect technologies, wholesale voice business, interconnect topologies, and engineering operations.

Strong is an integrated suite of applications featuring scalable and flexible. Optimized routing, immediate billing, rating, financial and technical reporting, analysis, statistics and engineering tools are some of its facilities.

Strong Project provides many features and facilities for Telecoms, wholesale companies, and carriers which helps them to efficiently manage all aspects of their voice interconnects and wholesale voice business and reduce both CAPEX and OPEX of corporation. With Strong, individual switch limitations are eliminated.

Key features:

  • Multi-Vendor integration architecture
  • Ability to store all CDRs and summarize them
  • Accurate, fast, and advanced reporting
  • Graphical dashboards for technical and financial departments
  • Alarming for technical and financial departments
  • Reduce human errors and costs
  • Real-time control on credit of prepaid customers
  • Immediate and accurate billing
  • Account management, Buy/Sell management
  • Smart routing based on QoS parameters (ASR, ACD, PDD, NER, QoS, etc.)
  • Prioritize routes based on quality, rates, default settings, etc.
  • Routing based on priorities