AX-22000 Next Generation Firewall(NGFW)

AX-22000 Next Generation Firewall(NGFW)

Introducing AX-22000: Elevate Your Network Security with Next-Generation Firewall Innovation

The AX-22000 redefines network security as a cutting-edge next-generation firewall. This advanced device vigilantly monitors both incoming and outgoing network traffic, meticulously evaluating and deciding whether to permit or thwart specific traffic based on an intelligently defined set of security rules. Operating as a seamless transparent bridge within your network, it harnesses the power to devise a multitude of algorithms, enabling the identification of threats and unwanted traffic with precision.

Key Features:

  1. Strategic Traffic Oversight: The AX-22000 stands as a sentinel for your network, astutely assessing incoming and outgoing traffic. Its decisive actions, driven by a meticulously constructed set of security rules, ensure that your network remains resilient against potential threats.

  2. Transparent Bridge Integration: Seamlessly integrating as a transparent bridge, the AX-22000 operates discreetly within your network infrastructure. This innovative approach maintains security without disrupting your network’s core functionality.

  3. Adaptive Threat Detection: The device’s inherent capability to develop diverse algorithms is the heart of its threat detection prowess. With this dynamic approach, it remains ever-ready to identify emerging threats, preventing breaches before they manifest.

  4. Standalone Proficiency: The AX-22000 stands strong as a standalone solution, offering unparalleled security to your network. Its autonomous nature ensures that your network remains fortified against malicious activities.

  5. Synergy with Nepox Shield Cloud: Elevate your security paradigm by connecting the AX-22000 to the Nepox Shield cloud service. This synergy transforms security into a dynamic force, combining AI-powered insights with real-time threat detection to safeguard your business’s digital ecosystem.


  • Precise Traffic Management: With meticulous traffic analysis, the AX-22000 empowers you to take charge of your network’s security, ensuring that only authorized traffic enters and exits.

  • Invisible Protection: Operating as a transparent bridge, the device enforces security without interrupting your network’s regular operations, fostering seamless protection.

  • Innovation in Threat Detection: The device’s ability to craft diverse algorithms results in unparalleled threat detection capabilities, enabling you to stay ahead of cyber threats.

  • Versatile Deployment: The AX-22000 adapts to your requirements, offering autonomous security as a standalone solution or enhanced protection when paired with Nepox Shield cloud services.

  • AI-Powered Security Insights: Integration with Nepox Shield cloud service imbues your network with AI-powered insights, ensuring you stay informed and prepared against evolving threats.

The AX-22000 heralds a new era of network security, where vigilance and innovation converge. Whether deployed as an autonomous defender or in harmony with Nepox Shield cloud services, this next-generation firewall brings a higher level of protection to businesses, both large and small. Embrace the power of strategic security with the AX-22000, where networks are fortified and threats are neutralized before they surface. This product will be available on the market in 2024 Q2.