Nepox, a leading provider of IP communications, offers technologies and integrating of high quality Telecom VoIP solutions. Our objective is development and provisioning of high-performance VoIP solutions and billing software from medium businesses to large telecom. We focus on entering into a strong and long-standing business relationship with new and existing companies on the telecommunication market to provide stable and cost-effective billing and management solutions.

Based on highly efficient and field proven packet tandem switching infrastructure, Carrier-Grade VoIP Solution enables carriers to offer customers the enhanced IP services. On the other hand, carriers can lower their operational costs such as maintenance and transportation costs by using inherent efficiencies of VoIP networks and increase revenue opportunities. Moreover, this solution enables a more efficient network topology than TDM based networks as network elements can deployed with the required capacity and functionality for a given location.

VoIP Carrier Suite (including dynamic routing, multi-vendor adaptors, monitoring suite, billing, etc.), has been successfully implemented worldwide. We focus on strong and long-lasting business relationships with reliable companies on the telecommunications market to provide stable and cost-effective billing and management tools. It is universally accepted by our customers as the centerpiece of their VoIP platforms. We take pride in our work and we make every effort to ensure that our clients are not only satisfied but delighted with our Solutions. As an engineering company we heavily emphasize technical support and integration work helping our family of clients with their custom implementations. Nepox team of experienced Telecom and computer engineers is looking forward to welcoming you into our customer family. We are here to help you be successful in your Telecom business.

Our Core Competencies are:

  • Multi-Vendor Adaptors
  • Nepox VoIP Billing Software
  • Nepox Wholesale Billing
  • Nepox Calling Card Platforms
  • Nepox Dynamic Routing and Route Testing
  • Nepox VoIP Rates Analysis System


  • Increased reliability by hiring advanced technologies and architectures.
  • High Quality services (voice, video, data, etc.)
  • Communicate less expensively
  • Multi-Vendor Compatibility
  • Multi-Application Platforms
  • Increased security
  • Scalability; invest in a system with confidence
  • Simple, real-time administration for system managers
  • Fraud detection and monitoring capabilities
  • Lawful interception capabilities
  • Redundant architecture to ensure uninterrupted connectivity
  • Capable to define lower cost between customers