Information Security (IS) is one of the most complex issues that organizations must deal with, in any networked environment. The challenges they need to face include compliance to regulatory requirements, business decentralization & mobility, reliance on web and smart phone technologies, and an increasing number of new threats & security-unaware users.

The services and technology solutions offered by Nepox are designed to successfully address the business security issues. A unique approach ensures the trustworthiness of information under the umbrella of a secure seamless environment, in full alignment with core business requirements.

The realization of state-of-the-art security strategy and engineering services assure timely and efficient results. In addition, the offered solutions establish highly-effective processes and mechanisms that provide holistic protection at network, system and application level.

Apart from the conventional perimeter security solutions, Nepox is committed to assist customers in responding to increased new demands. Our portfolio and strategic focus lay in the following major areas:

  • Security Information & Event Management
  • Web and Email Security
  • Network Admission Control.

Some of our information security benefits:

  • Establishment of proper security posture to mitigate risks and facilitate growth.
  • Assured business continuity while providing the basis for an efficient and secure deployment of new services.
  • High-quality results with low TCO and high performance.
  • Proofing all valuable business assets under the umbrella of a secure, seamless environment.
  • Reducing capital and operational expenses required for the acquisition and maintenance / administration of a security product.
  • Providing a holistic service pack to xSP customers for the widening of their customer base.


Nepox’s Information Security Management Initiative aims at assisting customers to understand why, what, and how to spend on security. The most important characteristics, per service / solution offering, are given below:

Information Security Strategy Services: Services to assist customers in the establishment of an adequate and robust security organization, alignment with business requirements, and formalization of the necessary security roadmap to mitigate security risks.

Information Security Engineering Services: Technical services intended to re-engineer the customers’ infrastructures in reference to information security, assess the security posture and provide support throughout the information security lifecycle management.

Network Security Solutions: Technologies for protecting the corporate infrastructure and Data Center against external and internal attacks.

Systems Security Solutions: Sophisticated technologies intended to protect systems & endpoints, and provide the means of controlling and monitoring security related incidents on a continuous basis.

Application Security Solutions: Technologies for protecting critical web applications, Internet access and corporate e-mail communication.