Nowadays, companies and corporations are challenging with more complex networks, so they need a solution to make their network more flexible and more efficient. Operations Support System (OSS) are software, occasionally hardware, applications that support back-office activities performs management, inventory, engineering, planning, and repair functions for telecommunications service providers and their networks. On the other hand Business Support Systems (BSS) are software applications that support customer-facing activities such as billing, order management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and call center automation which are the systems that Service Providers use to run their business operations.

Telecoms transformation is not a new dynamic but a range of factors and drivers are now coming together and are crystallizing the future shape of the operator sector. That is necessitating a change in the way operator businesses are run that extends from construction of network assets through to the systems, policies and processes used in the OSS and BSS environment. Now, more than ever before, in the history of telecoms, third party organizations such as consulting companies are being brought in to accelerate and manage transformation. There are three key perspectives to be considered in relation to the need to transform; the perspective of investors, customers and competitors.

Nepox empowers telecoms and carriers with real-time visibility into their networks through network performance and advanced traffic analysis in order to more efficiently operate their voice business. With the tools in its arsenal, Nepox empowers carriers to rapidly find, diagnose and fix issues before they become revenue affecting problems. Nepox billing is a complex process which includes multiple processes each of which handles specific tasks and aspects of the billing and interacts with one or more engines. This Suite Main Features includes: Various billing cycle handling, multiple payment methods, multiple charges and fees, Taxation, Invoicing and etc. The billing process enables service providers to create flexible customer focused offerings.

The OSS/BSS integration solution can help meet business requirements by eliminating the steps that used to be required to support new services. The solution can help you:

  • Achieve differentiation through customer satisfaction and innovative offerings.
  • Speed time to market for value-added services.
  • Lower operating costs to drive profitability.
  • Increase retention and drive new revenue.
  • Deliver converged voice, video and data services.
  • Integrate service applications and connect with back end support systems.
  • Utilize your existing network infrastructure.
  • Create a standards-based approach to OSS/BSS integration to maximize flexibility.


Nepox Solutions provides independent end-to-end OSS/BSS Solutions to Telecom-Level service providers in addressing their various technical, operational and business needs. Nepox designs and implements the following OSS/BSS Solutions:

  • Unified AAA & Policy Manager
  • Unified Billing System
  • Interconnect Business
  • Unified Monitoring Suite
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Dynamic Routing applications
  • Multi-Vendor Compatibility (ZTE, Huawei, GenBand, etc.)
  • 24/7 System Support, consulting


Our solution can help you gain an interconnected view of your business with a production-ready integration architecture that includes pre-developed connectors to a set of OSS/BSS applications. It creates a standards-compliant integration framework that allows legacy and new systems to interoperate and provides the opportunity to select best-in-class vendor applications. Ultimately, the solution provides an OSS/BSS environment with intelligent capabilities to help simplify your business processes by using policy-driven dynamic selection of the appropriate OSS/BSS application.