Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a telecommunications solution that can be tremendously cost-effective. Nepox VoIP Consulting Group can implement a new VoIP system with chart the path to these savings for you. Nepox will help you decide on the best VoIP service for your company. We can assist you in putting your VoIP solution in place, and fully manage and support your VoIP service. Whether you have a medium business and you want to replace your old PBX System with VoIP systems, or you are in core of a telecom and want to replace your TDM network with VoIP network, and many other situations, our Nepox VoIP Consulting Group can help you.

Our advanced VoIP Solutions provide rich features without high expenses or equipment in your network. This removes the potential complexities for you, and assures smooth and trouble-free telecommunications for your firm. Furthermore, we can protect you against Internet-based threats to VoIP operation, and stop any internal based threats to your communications security.

Our Solutions are based on multi-vendor networks, therefore these solutions can be easy integrated with your network. Once you have implemented your chosen solution, Nepox will handle all the basic interaction with your vendors. One other feature is analyzing costs. Nepox is expert in finding the solutions that meet your needs in the most cost-effective manner, and we can enumerate the many hidden cost savings and advantages of VoIP.

Nepox VoIP Consulting Group is here to help you make decisions that have best benefit on your company. Contact us for more information.